‘Lemental Creations: The Beginning

Many people don’t own their own businesses, and even fewer people own one at fourteen. But thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, I’m running a successful business while still being in ninth grade.


Y.E.A is a program that teaches high school students how to run their own businesses. Through a thirty week program, you successfully write your own business plan, a pitch to get money from investors, and you end the program with the launch of your business and a trade show.

Through this program, I started my own business, ‘Lemental Creations (pronounced elemental). I create an array of all natural health and beauty products, geared towards improving communities. My current line is a collection of all natural soaps that are made out of the natural resources from my home of Schuylkill County.

The most important thing for me to do with my business is help others. So I decided to donate 50% of the profits I receive from my Schuylkill County line to Schuylkill Women in Crisis, our local domestic violence center. Using my money, SWIC will help bring domestic violence programs to the local schools in my area.

In YEA, I didn’t just start my own business, I competed in the nation wide Saunders Scholar competition for a scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology. The competition consists of each program across the country hosts an investor panel where the students present their businesses to a panel of judges made up of local CEOs. The judges will then pick a winner, or Saunders Scholar, to travel to Rochester to compete on the national level. Out of the Schuylkill Chamber Chapter, I was named the Saunders Scholar.

In the first week of May, my mother, my program manager and I travelled to New York where we met people from all over the country. I competed in the Northeast Region, but sadly did not win. More on that later.

Despite not winning, my business is doing spectacular, with orders coming in left and right. I have done things from baby showers to Chamber luncheons. And as I grow my business, the orders will keep coming in.

Honestly, I knew starting a business would be a little difficult, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. The biggest problem is competition, but if you just find that one things that makes you stick out, then you’re in. If you have any inkling of wanting to start your own business, then do it. I’ve met eleven year olds whose businesses are running better than that of my father. There is no barrier stopping you from starting. Find a product or a service or any idea and just start running with it. Even if your competition is big, you can still survive. I have to compete against companies like Lush and Bath and Body Works everyday, and I still have people who’d rather come to me.

That’s the story about the start of my business and about where I am today. If you can, you can visit my website or Storenvy Store at the links below. Have a nice day!


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