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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 Opinion

When Netflix first came out with their original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt two years ago, I was excited and intrigued. I wanted to know the story of the young woman who was kidnapped and kept in a bunker for 15 years and how she adapts to life in the outside world. At first, it was hilarious. Kimmy was blissfully unaware of all of the problems in the world and all of the new technology, and I just loved her optimistic view on everything. She still wore her light up sneakers, and still had faith in everyone, unlike the people of today. But after her being out of the bunker for two years, it just needs to stop.

Kimmy’s young innocence was what got the show going. Seeing someone who last remembers the world as the ninties, where technology was just beginning to grow, interacting in a world where technogy is in every part. But it wasn’t just that part that drew people in. The darkness that the bunker left over her and how she fought to have a normal life. Watching her flashbacks, and her trying to adjust to normal life despite her obvious ptsd and triggers, still getting her GED and chasing after guys. She even confronted her mom about how she gave up on looking for her. Kimmy was also smart, and was the reason that the Reverend lost the trial in season one. She might not have been familiar with everything of the 21st Century, but that didn’t make her stupid. She was a strong and smart character.

Come season three, Kimmy just gave up. They turned her into this massive idiot, even bigger than she was before. And they took away her strength. She still had her intense motivation, but she just gave up so much more easily than she did when the show began.

The writers also just stopped the whole kidnapping storyline. When the announced that Kimmy was married to the Reverend, and she said that he raped her, they had a huge opportunity to make a strong storyline about her struggles with that or at least to explore it. But then they just dropped that whole plot line. The only time it was brought up again was when it became convenient for them, and once that moment was over, they didn’t mention it again.

Then there’s Jacqueline. I was so proud of how much she grew just in season two. She started to fight to help her family in South Dakota, and embrace the heritage she fought to block out. And in season three, I couldn’t wait to see her get even stronger. And she did. She married a man that she loved because of who he was, not just because of the money, and she stuck by his side, despite him being in a coma and a full body cast. She stopped caring what Deirdre and the other mom’s thought and just embraced herself. But at the same time, she just felt like a trope to me. She was repetitive and at times hypocritical. Also, the plot line of her fighting to change the name of the Washington Redskins just felt way too drawn out. And the whole Russ-has-a-whole-new-face-and-is-hot-thing was something that I did not enjoy. She didn’t love Russ because of his looks, and it felt a bit too much like him coming out of his coma handsome was some kind of reward for her succeeding with changing the name. And it changed Russ in a way that I didn’t like. I liked him not handsome, but a good person who had morals. And they ruined that.

And then we come to Lillian and Titus, who I thought would always be able to entertain me and make me laugh. And they just seemed to fall flat this season for me. Sure there were still some funny moments, but Lillian just felt like modern day Nickelodeon to me where the jokes aren’t actually funny, they’re just stupid statements. And she was just too quick to change for me. The whole series, Lillian was focused on protecting her neighborhood, making sure it stayed exactly the same. That was her main motivation. And then half way through this season, she just stops. She completely lost focus on her goals, just because she started dating the guy that wanted to bring a health store into East Dogmouth. And Titus, he didn’t change that much, but he just seemed to lost his humor. But his Lemonade skit was kind of funny, (I’m going to go watch Lemonade now). In the beginning, Titus could be self absorbed, but he’d still help out Kimmy. It’s like he completely forgot her in this season.

But this season did have one thing that I loved. This season had the wonderful and amazing Daveed Diggs from Hamilton! He was honestly my favorite Hamilton actor. His flaw though was that the rapping he did this season was terrible. Come on Daveed, I expect more from you.

So that’s my thought on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3. Tell me your opinion in the comment below. Until next time.


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