Why You Should Go Natural

Many of use have tried to lead healthy lifestyles. Cut the Doritos from your diet, go to the gym more, drink eight glasses of water everyday (that one’s harder than I thought). People always take these basic steps to lead a healthier life, but no one really thinks about what basic things like your shampoo, soap, and makeup are doing to your body. I mean soap? Shampoo? These things are necessities and what do you mean they’re not helping me have a healthy lifestyle? I know, I was confused too.

When I was setting up my business, I knew I wanted to make all natural products, mostly because it’s a trend right now and I could reach a different market than other companies. That’s it. That was my whole reason. So then during the formation of my business plan, I started to do some research on the benefits of all natural products because I need to make a pitch somehow. And I was genuinely shocked at all of the things I found out.

For starters, soap. Something that its only purpose is to clean your body, can actual kill you. Many companies use chemicals like phthalates and petrochemicals (basically gasoline) in their products, with the knowledge that they cause many problems such as cancer, liver disease, and can affect pregnancies. Not to mention that when these companies are making their products, they are causing tons of chemical run off, which is destroying the environment around their factories. Oh, and all those companies that say that antibacterial soap is the best soap for you? It has no benefits that you can’t get from regular soap. It’s actually worse for you. It weakens your body and makes you even more susceptible to germs and bacteria.

Next, shampoo. Meant to take care of your hair, right? Well, actually many of them cause cancer too. And even hair loss. I know, crazy right? The thing that is meant to take care of your hair and nourish it is actually causing you to lose it. When it comes to shampoos, look out for certain ingredients including: anything that says fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfates, potassium sorbate, polyethylene glycol, triclosan, cocamidopropyl betaine, polysorbates, phenoxyethanol, retinyl plamitate, dimethicone, behentrimonium, and quaternium-15. Many of these chemicals are very dangerous, yet companies continue to use them.

Now, makeup. Did you know that some companies actually have grease in their products. Companies like McDonalds will sell the used grease and oil that they cooked their food in and makeup companies have been known to use it in their products. Yeah, pretty disgusting right? So fast food companies are making money off of dirty oil that food was cooked in, and makeup companies are making cheaper products using it. Not to mention what they’re doing to their customers’ skin with it. Just like soap, many cosmetic products contain phthalates and paragons and fragrances, and cosmetic products also contain formaldehyde. Yeah, that’s right. The chemical that they put in dead bodies to preserve them for funerals is in your makeup. Many of these yet again cause cancer and birth defects and can even give you new allergies.

Natural products are a safer way to take care of your body. And with many people finding out about these chemicals, all natural companies are on the rise. So think about what you’re putting on your body the next time you go shopping and are more concerned with the number of calories in your chips.


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