Welcome to Life by Lindsay! Obviously, my name is Lindsay, and it’s just me here. I write about, pretty much anything on here. I couldn’t decide on just one thing to write about, so I picked everything.

So know, some things about me. I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania, but I have dreams of moving to a city. I run my own business, ‘Lemental Creations (pronounced elemental) , which is an all-natural health and beauty business, that you can find at http://www.lementalcreations.wix.com/shop or on Storenvy. I love reading, and have read the Harry Potter series seven times. I’m passionate about learning, and plan on becoming fluent in at least five languages besides English. I dream of going to school at UPenn to major in business, and I have an amazing graphic designer for a brother.

So there’s some stuff about me, I hope you go through this site and I hope you enjoy it!