2018: New Year, Mostly Same Me

I've never believed in New Years resolutions. I'm one of those people who thinks that if you want to change yourself, you can do it at any point in the year. And I have, I've changed my ways in April and October, but usually not in January. I just feel like there's way too much… Continue reading 2018: New Year, Mostly Same Me


Why You Should Go Natural

Many of use have tried to lead healthy lifestyles. Cut the Doritos from your diet, go to the gym more, drink eight glasses of water everyday (that one’s harder than I thought). People always take these basic steps to lead a healthier life, but no one really thinks about what basic things like your shampoo,… Continue reading Why You Should Go Natural


‘Lemental Creations: The Beginning

Many people don't own their own businesses, and even fewer people own one at fourteen. But thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, I'm running a successful business while still being in ninth grade. Y.E.A is a program that teaches high school students how to run their own businesses. Through a thirty week program, you successfully… Continue reading ‘Lemental Creations: The Beginning